Why You Are Not Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals & How You Can

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Why You Are Not Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals & How You Can

I recently had a back injury and noticed something about myself that had a valuable lesson for those wanting to lose weight and get in better shape. This blog is to help you understand why you may not be achieving your goals and to equip you with better tactics to make better progress. 

When I first realised how bad my back my injury was I became quite overwhelmed about what I should do about it, I started researching my injury and was blown away by the diversity of information I could find. After reading up on so many different methods of rehabilitation I decided to firstly start working with a Physiotherapist who gave me some exercises and suggested that I start swimming. A few weeks passed and I was still feeling a lot of pain so I decided to move onto a Chiropractor to try some spinal adjustments, but the pain still lingered and I quickly moved onto trying acupuncture, massage therapy, float therapy and many other methods of rehabilitation. Weeks passed by and I tried everything I could find on the internet but made hardly any progress. It wasn’t until I decided to try another Physiotherapist who thought me a valuable lesson that my injury eventually started to get better. What she thought me applies to almost everything, not just health and fitness but it is a valuable lesson to be learnt if you find you are not making progress with your health and fitness goals.

I met with Kelsey from Botany Bay Physiotherapy for a consultation about my injury, she asked me all about it and if I had tried any form of previous rehabilitation. I told her about everything I had tried and that none of it worked. Kelsey put what I told her quite simply, “If you keep trying new methods and don’t stick with one you will never make any progress, rehabilitation takes time, you need to trust the process and remain focused and consistent”. Kelsey told me that working with her to rehabilitate my back would take 16 weeks and that I wouldn’t see much progress until the later weeks of the program. Realising that I hadn’t seen any of the methods of rehabilitation I tried through, I decided to start working with Kelsey and after a few short weeks of hard work and dedication my back started to get better and I am now making a full recovery.

So heres where you may be going wrong just as I did

Theres comes a point and time in your life when you realise that you want to lose a few kilos, get in better shape or improve your lifestyle and understandably with the amount of information out there you really just don’t know where to start. You research how to; lose weight, get fit, build muscle and what to eat and you then skip from one trend to another when you feel that the one you have started with isn’t working. The truth is that all methods work (the ones that are scientifically backed) but achieving your goals takes time, it takes countless hours of discipline, focus and dedication to get to where you want to be.

As as a personal trainer and fitness coach I generally see a trend in the people who train with me that do well. The people who lose weight, gain muscle and get lean are not superheroes, they are simply consistent and dedicated to what they are trying to achieve and the people who aren’t don’t get the results they expect. This pattern can easily be corrected and it simply comes down to finding an expert that you trust and sticking with them for the duration of time that they suggest it will take for you to reach your goal. Changing your body, your health and your lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight no matter what form of training or new diet you try, it takes time and it takes blood, sweat and tears but it is achievable. My advice to you is that you find someone that you believe can help you and trust the process that they put in place for however long they suggest it will take. When I started my fitness journey back in 2014 it took me a little over 3 months of working with a personal trainer four times per week and clean eating every day before I started to see significant progress in my body but I trusted the progress and from the third month to the sixth month I got ripped!

Trust the process, it takes time but quitting wont help speed it up!”

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