Stephen Heelan

I was thinking about getting a personal trainer until I came across Paul’s online coaching, on Facebook. This way I could go to the gym when it suited me, as I had fluctuating work shifts. Before I started this program, I thought online training was just getting a meal and exercise plan, but it was a lot more than that. Paul took everything into consideration, my weight, height, level of fitness etc. I felt like there was someone In the gym with me because Paul laid out plans and helped me reach targets. He could also see what I was eating and advised me on what I should eat more/less of. I was going to the gym regularly before this program but with Paul’s help I learnt lots of great workouts that are suited to me and also learnt how to control my calories and nutrition. I feel like I could have done even better if I put in more effort so I can’t wait to see what the next stage brings. Paul was very motivational throughout the course and I couldn’t recommend him enough!

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