Stacey O’ Brien

A few months after the GAA season ended here in Sydney, I decided to sign up to a 8 week online training programme that I saw Paul advertising on Facebook. My goal was to stay fit and lose some stubborn fat around my hips and stomach. Paul had done a couple of boot camp style training sessions with my club so I knew the programme would be very good. Before signing up I was worried if I would have the time to workout 4 days a week in the gym and also if I would push myself hard enough when training alone but the more I got into my training the more focused and determined I was to stick it out and give it my all. Paul’s app that he uses for his programme was extremely helpful to keep track of my workouts and my progression each week. It also allowed me to track my meals. Paul encouraged me to upload photos every few weeks to compare to with my starting pictures. It was a huge boost to see the changes happening to my body in such a short time. Paul was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, keeping in contact with me every couple of days and making sure I was ok with the workouts as they changed every few weeks. The training was tough but enjoyable. Each workout was accompanied by a short video to show me how to correctly perform the exercise. This was hugely beneficial as I wasn’t quite sure how to use some of the machines in the gym. I would highly recommend Paul’s programme to anyone thinking of signing up, I was over the moon with my results and I can’t thank Paul enough for all his help.

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