Sinéad Powell

I was going to Paul’s Bootcamp for over 6 months before I started Paul’s online training. I knew how result driven & dedicated Paul is so I signed up to his online training.

At first I was nervous and a bit hesitant getting back into the gym and thinking, not having a trainer to push me along is going to be different

But it wasn’t like that at all. Paul was always there to help. The app made everything so simple and easy, each day your workouts are laid out for you, for you to go the gym in your own time and every video shows each exercise, how to do it, and the number of reps to do.

The videos are extremely detailed so you can’t go wrong.

I have learnt so much and taken so much valuable information for the future from Paul’s online Programme. I have gained a wide knowledge about food intake & calories, I would have never known before starting the online training. I have also gained the confidence to actually lift weights now.

Paul puts in 110% into everything he does, he is always there to help you and push you along the way. I loved it so much I completed a maintenance programme with Paul since.

Thank you Paul for all your help and dedicated hard work

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