Ryan McKenna

Before joining the Fit4Life programme I was the typical Irish lad, I started a business in 2017 in Sydney and pumped all my time and energy into it for the first 2 years and got to a point where I was burned out from it mentally and physically.

I had read some of Pauls posts online and felt he had so many points so I decided to give him a call. From the first 30 seconds on the phone I new I had made the right decision, his bubbly personality and shrewd attitude left me excited for the 6 weeks ahead!

Upon starting the programme Paul asks you make a plan where you want to see yourself in 5 years this along with the weekly task and daily achievements starts to set structure to your daily routine.

He also asks you to complete 160mins of excersise a week this really goes part and parcel along with the rest of the course as when your physically happy your mentality happy.

Upon finishing my 6 weeks I can not thank Paul enough for setting me in the right direction and giving me that fighting spirit to continue on with achieving my goals and being the best version of me I can be.

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