Noel O’Brien

My Journey started with Paul February 2018 when I got introduced to him buy my Partner Sinead who was attending Pauls bootcamp at the time.

I joined the bootcamp for a 6 week course and I really enjoyed it and got heaps fitter. I heard about the online training Paul was running at the time also and I mentioned it to him how I was thinking of giving it ago even though I never done anything like it before and wasn’t very sure what I was getting into.

So with that Paul introduced me to the new app which took me only a couple of training sessions to get into the swing of and it was so easy to use. I think it is awesome way of working tracking your workouts and food and also there are detailed videos of each exercise which I found very helpful as I didn’t have much knowledge of weight training.

Throughout my course I learnt so much about training and eating clean and getting enough protein which are so important as I’ve found out through the course. I’ve learned so much knowledge about eating and managing my food intake and still have the food I enjoy knowledge which I never had before and now have that knowledge for life. Paul was always there if I had any questions just like when I told him my back was giving me trouble he changed some of my exercises around only a small thing but ment a lot.

After I had completed my 8 week challenge I was feeling Fantastic and looking great I had lost 5kg an was heaps stronger, I was really happy with results. Hence the reason I’m still training with Paul and enjoying it. Not did I find this training so good for my body but also so good for my mind aswell your more focused happier and positive and the list goes on.

I recommend this to everyone, you won’t regret it.

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