Mick Comerford

I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life and not sure which path to take before starting Fit4Life. I had previously done a bootcamp with Paul and I knew that he was 100% committed to his clients so I had a feeling that working with him through Fit4life would give me a better sense of direction.

Before starting I was a  very laid back so much so that if I was anymore laid back I’d fall over and I was constantly procrastinating, not focusing on myself, working long hours in a career where I knew I could be doing do much better outside the industry in terms of opportunities, pay and work life balance.

Since starting the Fit4life I have made the decision to return home and retrain and move into the sector I want to work in and get out of the sector I landed in 7 years ago. Since completing the course I’ve cut back big time on my procrastination despite feeling like I have more time for myself than before.

Working with Paul was 100% between the online course, weekly calls, FB group and a simple text here and there you knew he was always at the other end had a problem arise throughout the course. The main things I took from the course was putting more value on my time and on myself as a person. Before I’d work every hour of the day if I could all the while to keep somebody else happy whereas now I have a set time I don’t like working past and I’m taking more regular time off to do what I enjoy as well.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a change or anyone who even has the slightest feeling they are caught in a trap, I would also highly recommend getting an online training programme to complete while on the Fit4life course as you’re mental and physical wellbeing is all linked in together.

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