Matt O Hara

I started Paul’s bootcamp to get fitter and get out of the house in the evening as well as making sure that I wouldn’t stay in the same trap of coming home from work and watch the TV all night.

I was a bit nervous about starting to be honest because of starting something new and meeting new people. I was lucky that I had a few friends doing it with me but looking back I would have been 100% starting on my own, everyone in the group was in the same boat, everyone was there to get fit and have a bit of craic along the way.

I found the bootcamp mighty, even after the first session, it’s hard to drag yourself off the couch some evenings but when you make the effort and push yourself at training, you feel far better for it.
Paul is a great coach, he is extremely down to earth, very understanding and good craic at the same time!
I have recommended Paul to my friends and will continue to do so, the bootcamp is a no brainer for anyone looking to get fit, get active and just have a bit of fun.

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