Mary Finnegan

Before starting the Fit4life program I was very unmotivated and lacking in confidence.
After moving back home a year ago I felt stuck in a rut and unclear in what direction I was taking my life. I thought it would be good to try and get into a training routine and start looking after my health to improve my mindset so I got in touch with Paul to start his Move4Ward online fitness training.

After I applied and got on the phone with Paul, he suggested doing his Fit4Life course instead because it became obvious that there was a lot of others things I needed to change and improve as well. I had tried training plans before and could never stick to them so I was open to taking a different approach this time. I wasn’t sure what to expect when starting and I was quite anxious but Paul was very approachable and supportive.

Over the 6 weeks, I completely changed my outlook on things and found direction in my life again. I also started training more than ever before despite Fit4Life not being a fitness course because it was so beneficial to change my mindset and the way I was thinking about things first.

I would recommend this course to anyone but especially someone who feels stuck and unclear in what they want to do and needs to change or improve their mindset so they can achieve it as well.

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