Mark Fenton

Before starting Fit4Life I had very little direction in my life. I was struggling after a break up and I didn’t know where I was going. This was going for over a year and eventually I decided that enough was enough. I was working big hours during the week and the only I was de stressing was by drinking away my weekends.

After the first week I rang Paul and told him the course wasn’t for me, my head was still a mess but he reassured me to stick with it and that he would give me full refund if it didn’t work but to stick with it until week 3 and see how I was doing then.

I perservired with the course and the more I did the more comfortable I got with it and the more things started to change for me! I decided to cut down on the drinking and started making small changes like dressing my bed in the mornings and I just went from there.

I started to believe in myself again and I started to get my confidence back as the weeks went on and I had absolutely none before I started.

I found some parts of the course tough but Paul is always on hand to show you the positives and get around what you’re struggling with.

Over the 6 weeks I learnt how to build my confidence by taking small changes and better decisions which Paul teaches really well in the course. I’ve also learnt that I don’t need anyone to make me happy, thats entirely up to me and it starts by making the right decisions for you along the way.

I would recommend working with Paul through Fit4life to anyone who is struggling with direction in or their life or anyone struggling in any aspect of life.

It’s time and money that I have invested in me and it just takes a little effort. Now I have a plan on where I’m moving towards in the future and that has been life changing for me!

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