Lorna Greene

Before starting the training plan with Paul, I was trying to eat well and go to the gym but I wasn’t seeing any results. I lacked consistency and would often be derailed over weekends. I had previously tried other online plans but had found there wasn’t enough support from other trainers or the plan were generic which again meant I wasn’t seeing results. My experience with Paul was completely different, the plan was easy to follow, I found having the tracking app held me more accountable, I could easily view the exercise plan in the gym making it easy to follow and I enjoyed the variety with meals as you could pick and choose meals depending on what you felt like on a particular day. Paul was really supportive, regularly checking in and making adjustments as needed. He was also really positive which was a good motivation. The plan exceeded any expectations I had, I learned more about nutrition on an individualised level and I learned about setting out a gym program, meaning I wasn’t spending any longer in the gym than I had previously, but I was now doing exercises which actually made a difference. At the end of the eight-week plan, seeing the difference in body shape from the progress photos was really motivating and I had learned effective strategies to continue using. I would definitely recommend Pauls training plan to anybody wanting to see results and would personally use Pauls training plans again in future.

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