Lee Grimes

Before signing up to Fit4Life I was struggling to get out of the viscous circle of working 65hrs a week, then when Saturday afternoon or Sunday would come I would procrastinate. I never knew what to do when I was out of my work routine and this was my biggest barrier.

Paul helped me get out of this rut, the program gave me so much direction and with Paul’s support, I found out what I wanted to do with my life. Each week, I had a list of goals to achieve within 7 days and this was on going for the 6 weeks which was great. Paul held me accountable so I felt pressured to get this list ticked off and it was a great help. Pressure is Great! I achieved 8 goals in one week and I was buzzing! After just one week into the program my life had completely changed and I had 5 more to go!

Over the 5 weeks with Paul these are some of the goals I achieved
Learned how to surf
Ran my first 5km in 22:34
Hiked 17km – prep work for base camp, Mt Everest!!
Found my life path and how I wanted to pursue my Career.
Took 15 mins off Pauls Fitness Test workout at bootcamp.

I feel like a man on steroids, nothing can get in my way and the list goes on!

Paul’s class thought me how to have more initiative and be disciplined but it mainly thought me how not to waste valuable time and say No to people!

Paul was Fantastic to work with, he broke everything down and went into great detail. You never felt rushed and he always took his time. We would get a phone call every Thursday once a week for 30 minutes but that could on to 50minutes or and hour it never mattered Paul puts in savage effort with his students!

If your going to do fit for life, I highly recommend you do his boot camp for 5 weeks as well. I found training with him while doing his fit for life, I got way more out of, it’s like wine and cheese! These two courses go hand in hand! After these five weeks are up you’ll be a changed human! A different vantage point on life!!

I’m high on life after working with Paul I did a total of 10 weeks with Paul, what a character this man is and he really knows what he’s doing, he aligns the compass with in you!

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

Thanks for everything Paul

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