Laura Hynes

I felt lost and had absolutely no drive before I started Fit4Life. I couldn’t see myself with a purpose.

Where do I start with what I struggled with struggled with – my own self beliefs, never giving myself any credit. I had been very hard on myself. I had No drive, everything was always put on the long finger as it seemed an easy option.

Fit4life was great. Paul reassured me and helped me find my direction, and most importantly I stopped putting things on the long finger.

Working with Paul was great, he is a great mentor, so positive, no matter if you think something different. I always felt so confident after the weeekly calls.

Paul went above his expectations, 6 weeks turned out to be longer due to a sick bub and the Christmas period, Paul didn’t mind, he just wanted to see complete why I set out to start.
I felt great after fit4life, I have started my college course, which I was putting off for another 2 years.

I find it easier saying no to things, before I would go to help someone out, but if it’s no purpose to me, I’m not going, if that makes sense?!

I would definitely recommend it, if your feeling lost like me in life, career wise, it’s the 6 week course you need.

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