Kerrie Kirkpatrick

I signed up to bootcamp as I wanted to improve my fitness. I hadn’t been to a gym in 2+ years and thought it would be time to try and make some changes.

I was very nervous starting, I thought I would be struggling and felt like I would be conscious if I was doing exercises wrong and didn’t want to make a show of myself!

I found the bootcamp extremely enjoyable, good craic and all around a good form of exercise. What I like about Paul’s classes is I don’t know what I’m walking into and the classes are always changed up and challenging. It has helped me a lot, I have improved my eating habits (no more snacks) as well and I have found my fitness level has improved.
Paul is a brilliant coach. I would be quite shy and backward when meeting new people and I found Paul to be so welcoming and encourageing. He is so helpful when your struggling with something and he pushes you to be the best you can be.
I would definitely recommend joining the bootcamp to anyone that wants to improve their fitness and have a bit of craic, the bootcamp is great for that. It’s a great way to meet others as well and just to have a bit of fun!

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