Julie Kennedy

For the last 6 months I have been trying to find the motivation to get back into exercise and finding it really hard. I had a baby 14 months ago and still had not managed to get back into a healthy eating and fitness routine. I kept making excuses about not having enough time but thankfully my partner is amazing and gave me a push in the right direction after he seen Paul’s bootcamp advertisement. We discussed it and worked out some time in the evening that I could have to attend the classes.

I signed up to the bootcamp after our discussion and I am so glad I did now. The boot camp is outdoors, social, and fun, and it has been a great way to get back into exercise.

I was actually really nervous about starting and I nearly didn’t sign up because I was embarrassed at how unfit I was! I thought I would not be able to keep up with everyone else. It was such a relief after the first session was over when I realised everyone could just go at their own pace. I am now looking forward to every class.
I already feel a whole lot fitter and stronger which is nice. I finally feel my motivation is back and this bootcamp was exactly what I needed.
Paul is an amazing coach. He has a really lovely way of motivating everyone while always being very calm and relaxed. Paul puts such effort into every class and every workout is different which keeps things interesting. I always feel very supported by Paul. He is great for checking and making sure you are getting on okay.
I would recommend it to everyone. I feel it would be suitable to all ages and fitness levels.

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