Julianna Dolan

Before starting the online training plan with Paul, I had thought I was eating “healthy” and that doing endless amounts of cardio was the key to a slimmer body. My mind set was completely transformed in doing the plan both with reference to food and that of exercise. The programme gave me knowledge on how the simple changes you make can have positive effects on your body shape and your mind-set. My experience with Paul was brilliant, the plan was easy to follow and having it broke into 4×2 week segments meant you were constantly trying to improve on your previous statistics (having the tracking app was a godsend). Paul was from day 1 supportive, ensured you were confident with all stages of the plan and was there if you’d any issues or had an off day. The plan has definitely educated me on what I should be doing in the gym while at the correct form but also the importance of simple nutritious food for body/muscle improvement. At the end of the eight-week plan, seeing the difference in body shape from the progress photos was reward enough and I cannot wait to start phase 2 and see future improvements from working with Paul. 100% recommend his online plans to anyone.

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