James Power

Before I started Paul’s online program I would have never really used the gym. When I did go I would end up losing interest and leave after 20-30 mins feeling like I didn’t have any business being in there. I would predominantly just use the treadmill and rowing machines, never really doing any strength exercises . During the program I learnt a massive amount from exercise techniques to eating habits . The videos of each exercise are invaluable and knowing exactly what weight you lifted on your previous session is great . Also logging my calories Intake made me aware of what I was eating daily, something I never did . With Paul’s weekly check in’s it made me feel accountable in getting all my workouts complete. I knew I had to get them all done . Paul would always would have positive feedback to drive me on . Over the 8 week program it was a big learning curve for me . I really enjoyed it and felt great . I would highly recommend anybody to give it a go . Paul is a great trainer and always has helpful advice if you are looking to better yourself .


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