Helena Lyons

Having not known much about Paul and having never met him I was afraid of not being fully commited to the programme and not giving it my all. I was also worried about not being able to use equipment appropriately and at max potential. I thought it would be harder to stay motivated as your not physically meeting the trainer.

But overall it was a really postitive experience. Paul is great for wanting everyone to achieve their goals, he is so enthusiastic and a motivator. He wants everyone to put in their best effort to help them to be a better version of themselves. His regular messages made me feel guilty (in a good way) to eat healthy and complete my weekly work outs. Makes me want to do some of his bootcamps, run clubs and more of hes programmes.

The program is flexible and suits alot of people more as I am nurse doing shift work so it was up to me when to fit it in. The food plan was flexible too as I could eat what/when as long as I was hitting my protein and not going over my calories. The videos are a great way to explain how to do exercises which was good as I hadnt had alot of experience using the equipment before. A small barrier I faced maybe if I had bad form whilst doing the exercise I wasnt being corrected but the app was easy to use and theres regular reminders for work outs/logging your food.

I would recommend highly recommend it to others, it suits those shift workers who maybe cant attend set gym times. Its also really affordable. A good stepping stone for those like me who arent gym bunnies and makes me feel like I can achieve some of my goals i.e 10km run I want to do this winter and maybe even a half marathon at some point.

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