Helen McKenna

I had 2 pregnancies so I really needed to get back in shape but finding the time to workout was a major factor with having 2 kids.

I gained over 2 stone with both pregnancies and having not exercised in years my body was really showing it. My back was playing up along with my knees and I had ab separation so I was badly stretched too.

I wasnt sure whether the online training would work for me because I didn’t have a clue about gym equipment or circuit workouts but as time was a major factor for me the online training was a winner especially with the home workouts. This enabled me to work around the kids.

I have to honestly say I absolutely loved Paul’s 6 week programme. I really liked that I only needed to do 2 cardio sessions a week and focus mainly on weighted workouts which werent to intense for me and took the right amount of time.

You can tell from Paul’s attention to detail and his organisational skills that he is so passionate about what he does and his intentions to help others goes beyond what ppl would expect. Paul replied practically instantly to any messages and his weekly check ins are a great motivator. Paul’s Online Training was definitely above my expectations. I just expected to have a few workouts to do and that was it but Paul kept me motivated too and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness

I have learnt alot in 6 weeks – I loved the weight training which never done before and I even know what a kettle bell is now! I seriously feel soooooo good after it, it was my first exercise programme and I cant believe the results and how much I enjoy running now too.

Exercise has defo helped me manage my anxiety and reduce stress so ill be keeping it up and intend doing another 6 week programme to shed my last 1.5 kilo and tone up.

I recommended Paul to anyone wanting to start their fitness journey, he is incredibly helpful and never makes you feel overwhelmed. Everything is so easy from the get go and he is such a big help throughout.

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