Darina Costello

I had been listening to Paul’s podcasts for a few weeks and could really relate to him so when I found myself stuck in a rut with my time after work I knew I needed some help to work on me.

Before I started fit4life I was really struggling with my confidence and it stopped me from stepping outside my comfort zone to try anything new.

After the first week of the course it was easy to see that I had some interests around health and fitness and Paul helped me start moving towards making progress in the things I was interested in.

Instead of wasting my evenings away, I was out for walk/runs, going to classes etc. I had way more energy and this in turn built my confidence! Paul was really good at pushing me to step outside my comfort zone!

One of the biggest things I love from the course is the daily/weekly planner and gratitude journal. By writing things down, I was holding myself accountable to do them.

With everything that’s happening now with Covid-19 and being unable to go to the gym/classes, I am still keeping up my exercise. I know the old me would have given up straight away and I have Paul to thank for that!

All in all the course helped me massively to build my confidence and move towards what was most important to me and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who finds themselves stuck in a rut.

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