Danielle Quigley

I signed up to the bootcamp because I needed that extra push when it came to exercising. The challenge and thought of it really excited me. I knew in a group setting I would make it a point to give that extra push.
I was a little nervous about starting but once I started, I felt at ease straight away. Paul has a great approach to exercise, we worked in a group but Paul also gives you the push you need to keep going appropriate to your own individual level of fitness which I really liked.
I really enjoy the bootcamp, it has definitely given me the extra push that I needed when exercising. My fitness level has increased so much and I am actually enjoying exercising which to me is the most important thing. Each session has different exercises so it is not monotonous and each session is always a good healthy challenge set out by Paul.
Paul is a very welcoming and an approachable trainer. He is very encouraging and you can see he is genuine and has a natural passion to help people be the best version of themselves. He knew every single persons name which to me shows he has invested time into making an effort to get to know everyone individually within the group setting and it is great.

I would highly recommend the bootcamp to others regardless of what level of fitness you are at. It was a very welcoming bootcamp and a good way to socialise and get to know others that have similar interests.

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