Colin Connelly

Before I started online training with Paul I thought that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the training time wise or find it boring. I wasn’t sure if Pauls app would be easy to use or clear to understand the training. My experience has been excellent and I am very happy with the whole process, the program is very enjoyable and I found the app very easy to use and the videos helped me a lot with explaining the training. I found paul an excellent trainer, as I work fifo there is sometimes lack of gym equipment but paul always helped me complete training with what was available to me and no question was to silly to ask. Paul was always positive and supportive if I had a bad week with diet or training to get me back into it. I am feeling great and in a lot better shape body and mind Since I started, I have lost 10kg since I Started with Paul in August last year. I couldn’t recommend Paul highly enough, the whole thing has been a lifestyle changer for me.

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