Clare English

I have always been a person who was goal orientated and always need something to focus on. When I moved to Australia this year, I felt lost because I did not have goals set and did not know where to go with my life here and what I wanted to do. I could see the potential for an amazing life here but I had no idea how I was going to achieve it.  I moved here by myself, I was struggling with loneliness a lot and going out drinking and getting on the bags, not because I was enjoying it but just so I could be around people and help me meet new people. 

By doing this, it actually pushed me further away from achieving the life I had envisaged over here as I was surrounding myself around people that were not in the same mind frame as me, had zero interests in common and found myself drinking more in order to actually engage with them. I was not enjoying my life here and living to my full potential. 

I had followed Paul on facebook about a year earlier, and found myself relating to all his posts, I wanted to reach out for a long time but my insecurities and fear of reaching out and getting out of my comfort zone stopped me from contacting Paul. After a big session one weekend, one of Pauls post popped up on my feed and the depression of the weekend before had already set in, I realised I needed help getting myself together and actually live to my full potential. I was sick of being hungover for about 5 days in week and drunk the rest. Any interests I had moving over were all gone. I was just working and drinking. My work was getting affected and wasn’t working to my full potential. It was either sort myself out or get a flight home. 

I contacted Paul and straight away he put my mind to rest and I signed up for Fit4life. At this stage though I was somewhat doubtful on how much Paul said my life would change from the course. How can a course change your whole life? Well, I am very happy to say I was wrong! Fit4life completely changed my life and perspective on life. Paul pushed me out of my comfort zone and it made me realise what I enjoy, that I don’t actually have to be around people who don’t support or even like me. It helped me make an amazing bunch of supportive friends. I am now currently in the process of changing my whole career, with a solid plan behind me with the support of Paul. I am ensuring that I step outside my comfort zone each week and look at the positives of a set back rather than allowing it to impede my progress. 

Fit4life was possibly one of the best investments I have made for myself. What I received from Paul and the course, far exceeded what I paid. I look forward to continuing to work with Paul in the long term to help me achieve my goals and my PB’s. I could not recommend Paul and Fit4life more, if any one needs help focusing, stepping out of their comfort zone, stuck in a rut, struggling with confidence etc, just contact Paul, you won’t regret it. 

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