Claire Joyce

I did Paul’s fit4life 6 week program in October 2019.

I was feeling very “stuck” and “lost” at this time which was affecting my mood and family life. I seeked guidance and direction and I felt this program could definitely benefit me.

Through the 6 week duration of this program with the guidance of Paul I found direction and became focused.

Paul helped me set meaningful goals, helped me put things into perspective and helped me become motivated to start “ticking boxes” on my to do list.

Paul is very approachable and a fantastic coach. I felt completely at ease with Paul, And could always openly admit my flaws or feelings and never felt like he’s was making any judgement.

He was amazing to work with and is extremely client centred. Since attending Paul’s program my mood has lifted, I have achieved and accomplished more than I could imagine and I feel motivated and excited about my future.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone, whether their life goals are big or small, as with his expertise he will definitively be able to guide anyone to meet their life goals.

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