Claire Joyce

I am a Mum of two -with two kids under two-so for the past 2.5 years I have struggled with sleep deprivation, motivation and diet. My husband works long hours so I have always found it difficult to find a fitness program to fit my lifestyle as I could never commit to scheduled training sessions and I wasn’t confident to use the gym equipment by myself. I have been using Paul’s online program and I absolutely love it. It is perfect for my lifestyle as I can do my gym sessions in my own time and work it around my kids routine. Paul’s program is excellent as it provides visual and written information on how to complete gym exercises correctly so I can feel confident to do my sessions alone and I can do a vast majority of training working all the appropriate muscle groups giving me the best results. The program is very personal and client based. Paul has worked with and listened to me and we have established my fitness/ weight loss goals together – he has implemented a program personal to working on my goals and has kept my goals realistic which has made my training experience really rewarding and enjoyable. He has been so understanding and motivating as well as inspiring, and he is the first trainer that I have felt at ease with and never intimidated by. He checks in with me regularly offering support and advise and keeps me on track. The program is also great as you can record your training and therefore compare your training sessions each week which can be very motivating to see the results and progress. I highly recommend Paul’s program to anyone. I lost 6.7kg in 8weeks and have felt the best I have in 3years. I am excited to continue on my fitness journey with Paul by my side and I am confident with his guidance I will meet my goals and continue living a very healthy and active life.

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