Chris McDonald

Before signing up to fit4life I had been working with Paul through his Move4ward online coaching.

As I worked on improving my fitness it became apparent to me that I hadn’t got much time to myself, nor had I got confidence to change. I had followed Paul on social media for a while and could relate to the issues he had faced a number of years ago so this program felt like the next step.

 I had struggled with a few things, mainly with time management in my job, I wasn’t making time for myself and my personal life which left me feeling lost, unfulfilled and under confident and stuck in a rut both personally and professionally 

Through well structured and easy to follow video content this program has really added value to my life and brought up some areas of my life that I hadn’t even considered in my search for happiness.

Fit4life not only made me realise what I have achieved in my life but also how having gratitude can help build confidence, it’s taught me some valuable lessons on how to plan my weeks and days so I have time to work on myself and achieve my own goals without overwhelming myself and setting myself up for failure.

Working with Paul has been an absolute pleasure throughout his Move4ward online coaching and fit4life. He has extremely valuable knowledge and the life experiences to back it up, he is a real gentleman and always takes the time to listen and explain things more thoroughly in his mentoring calls. 

I feel that this program has given me the kickstart I need in 2020 to having a more fulfilled and productive year, if anyone is feeling like I was, I would 100% percent recommend this course, money well spent!

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