Cahir McGovern

I attended one of Paul’s workshops in 2019. At that point I was completely pulling my hair out.

I was coming up with new business ideas left, right and centre and wasn’t following through with any of them. The reason being that I hadn’t got the knowledge on how to actually go about achieving a big goal.

I kept setting an unrealistic goal that I was never going to reach and when I wasn’t reaching the goal it was driving my self confidence into the ground and I was literally on the brink of giving up. I thought I would just take it on the chin that I was never going to be any more than what I already was.

But then I saw Fit4Life advertised so I wrote to Paul about it, he said he would give me a call and he did.

He basically told me that if he didn’t think the program would suit me he wouldn’t be taking me on but after a brief chat we both knew that it would be perfect for me. Throughout the program working with Paul was one of the best experiences in my life and one that I will cherish and be forever grateful for.
The course was exactly what I needed and Paul was really supportive and helped me set some realistic goals and held me accountable weekly. This really drove my self confidence back to where it should be.

He describes everything to a fine detail. He really is a master of his field of work.

I feel better now than I ever did and have already got my new business venture underway.

Thanks so much Paul I’ll be forever greatful.

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