Bryan Mullin

Before signing up to Paul’s Fit4Life course, I was your typical Irish lad working Monday to Friday, small bit of exercise and mainly in the pub on Friday/Saturday nights.

I’d always get worried when thinking about money and where it was all gone at the end of the month, tried budgets but could never maintain them. My fitness & diet needed to improve also, too many uber eats and pints every weekend was catching up. I wasn’t too sure what direction my work was going either and needed some help on making some decisions and taking action.

After completing Paul’s fit4life, I gained alot from it. I now have a strong money management system in place and I no longer get overwhelmed when thinking about savings. I have achievable goals set over the next 2 years and a plan how to get there between career and fitness.

The biggest thing I found was sitting down and I asking myself the right questions prompted by Paul and what I wanted, after that it was easy to put a structured plan in place.
I have also improved my time management with work, friends and most importantly time for myself.

The course taught me the importance of balance in life between work, money, family & friends, fitness and time to yourself.

I couldn’t recommend doing this with Paul highly enough. He’s fully committed to finding out what you want to get out of doing this and with the weekly accountability calls it’s easier to explain what you want.He was always in great form and got the best out of you every time.

Thank you again Paul for all your help.

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