Aoife Clarke

I started with Paul back in August 2018. I’ve just started my third training plan . Before I signed up with Paul I was a what one might call a sunshine supporter at the gym . Could go for a few weeks and would expect the instant unrealistic results which I would never maintain as I would get bored and lose interest doing the same work outs and end up losing motivation as I would ask myself what’s the point? I’d get pissed off at myself fall into bad habits and the cycle would start all over again . Paul has been a great listener and support in my training progress . He listens to what I want to work on and makes a training plan specific for my needs. My body confidence and my mind/ outlook have changed dramatically since last August . I’ve started adding in other types of training like yoga , running etc because at the end of the day it’s all about having a healthy body and mind which I have learned through Paul. I would highly recommend to drop Paul and line and see what he can offer you

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