Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I stay in Australia or go Home?

This question used to drive me crazy and I’m sure it’s the same for so many others too.

You’ve got your family back in Ireland, your friends and a life that just seems to be at an easier pace.

Whereas in Australia, life is fast paced, you work a lot and you feel like you miss out on doing some simple things that just make you feel special.

For my first 6 years in Australia I never put down any roots because I always thought I was going to move back home.

And in the latter years it left me feeling very lost and disconnected.

Eventually I moved home and after spending 7 months there, I knew it wasn’t for me and I wanted to move back.

Luckily I could and despite having to admit defeat on the wrong move I had made, I gladly came back and seen Australia in such a different light.

One thing I really realised in the process was that it wasn’t Ireland I was missing, it was the feeling that Ireland brought to me.

A feeling of connection, being a part of a community and having a sense of security from your family.

And so I thought about how I could create that feeling here.

What community could I join or make myself a part of?

Who would be a role model or mentor to make me feel secure when I am feeling down?

Who could I connect with to share my ideas with that would help me move forward.

I started ticking off those boxes and it really helped me settle here and put down some roots.

So I just wanted to share this little message with you if you are feeling a bit lost and disconnected right now.

Think about who would tick off the above boxes for you and reach out to those people for support and a chat on a regular basis.

It will do wonders for your feelings and do even more for making plans on moving forward with your life in Australia.

It’s a bloody great country we live in and it’s the connection you make with others that make it home.

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