How To Find Your Purpose

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How To Find Your Purpose

Let’s face it, not everyone thinks about what their life purpose is!

That make’s it a hell of a lot harder for you when you start pondering on; “What’s my purpose” and “Is there more to my life.”

As hard as it is to answer those questions when you start to think about them, I’m here to tell you that you are one of the lucky ones.

Because as mentioned, not everyone thinks this way and that makes you incredibly unique.

It means there is more to your life and whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to find out what that is or those questions will keep biting you in the ass!

How do I know?

Well I’ve had those questions too and after trying to suppress them for a long time, I eventually took it upon myself to find out how much more there was to life and ultimately to find my purpose.

At the time, I didn’t know where to start, I was having these thoughts often and my life was a complete mess to make matters worse.

“Go and annoy someone else – just leave me wallow in my own self pity”, I thought!

I was terrified to step outside my comfort zone and try anything new that would help me find out anything more about myself.

Because of that, staying where I was, depressed and unhappy seemed like an easier option.

Eventually that got to much and I had to start looking.

I’m glad I did.

After just 4 months of searching, I found my purpose; to help others live a more inspiring life, and my life has not been the same since.

I’ve been obsessed by my purpose, it gets me out of bed each morning, it’s all I think about and in turn it’s all I work towards too.

So in this blog, I hope to give you the starting point on how to find your purpose to help you live with the same beautiful obsession.

First of all, if you think there is more to your life, there is, you just have to find it.

And you just have to look in the right places.

The bible has a few great quotes, one of them is; “Those that seek shall find.”

So although you’ve got a lot of anxiety about finding your purpose and making any changes in your life in order to do so, if you start searching, you will find what your looking for.

The next question your probably asking is where do I start looking?

Well the truth is that you already know the answer to that.

You know all of those things that you’ve had on your mind for a long time and have thought about doing?

Like the surfing lesson you want to do, the new group you want to join, getting fitter, starting the business idea you’ve had, meeting new people?

Well the answer to finding your purpose lies in those things!

Sounds simple right?

But it’s true and if you ask yourself if you’ve been doing any of the above, your answer would probably be no.

The reason being is because you are fearful and anxious about doing them.

You see we’ve all got an internal compass and your’s is pointing you towards the things that your thinking off for a reason.

It’s where you might meet someone who sparks an idea for you, it’s where you might find one of your unique strengths or it’s where you might find yourself becoming completely alive and in love with what you are doing.

Some of the things on your list you might not like but I guarantee you that in the act of trying them, you’ll find one thing that will help get you a little bit more clear on what you do like.

So what can you do?

Start looking.

Start doing the things you’ve been thinking off, no matter how wacky or crazy they are. If they are important to you they are worth doing!

So go for its, get over that initial fear and you’ll start to find what you are looking for.

Those that seek shall find!

If you need some help with all of the above, it would be my pleasure to help you find your purpose through my signature course Fit4Life.

Chat soon.


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