Breaking Away From The Irish Mentality

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Breaking Away From The Irish Mentality

As nations and it’s people go, we’re a bloody great one. The craic, the humour and of course the “ah sure it will be grand” attitude is hard to beat.

But mentally, emotionally and spiritually we aren’t that well developed, especially those of us expats living overseas who are trying to progress our lives, careers, relationships and finances.

For most people coming to Australia it’s for a new start of adventure, fun and less hardship while working towards their goals but unfortunately that lifestyle seldom happens.

Why you might ask?

Well from my point of view its because we bring that hard headed Irish Mentality with us. The mentality that has been bred into us over the last few centuries of famine, war and independence to work hard, keep your mouth shut and don’t question the status quo.

It’s a great mentality to have as a nation but in modern times it’s surely holding a lot of people, back.

The life of an Irish expat seems to really reflect this mindset. We are great workers and do what is told to be done but we often question if there is something more to our lives?

Maybe it’s to change your career and find something more fulfilling and really live up the great Australian culture with the more time you could have on your hands to enjoy it.

Or start your own business in the land down under.

These are thoughts of the younger generation of expats but the biggest thing that stands in the way is that old Irish Mentality which is also reinforced by long working hours in majorly Irish businesses.

So what I really wanted to write this blog for was to help you believe in something new, something that might give you some food for thought and the ambition to carve your own path and create a great life for yourself here in Australia.

First of all, not everyone thinks the way you do or wants something more for there lives and thats ok for them but not for you if you’re already chomping at the bit to find what you’re looking for and then build the confidence to go after it.

Secondly, its important to know that anything is possible and the only thing standing in the way of your achieving it is your own limiting beliefs around it.

So how do you create a better life for yourself in the land down under?

Well the starting point of all great achievement is to see someone else who has done something similar and model their approach. Find out how they got away from the 9-5 or 7-6 as is often the case in Australia and learn from them and their mistakes.

Next up, start actively thinking that you can do anything that you put your mind to and ask yourself some better questions.

So often we hold ourselves by thinking that we can’t do something and we reinforce it by asking ourselves terrible questions which produce terrible answers.

I could never change my career, how could I, every Irish expat has to work around to the clock in Australia?

It’s so expensive to live in Australia, how could I afford my lifestyle if I gave up my job and pursued something new?

These are terrible questions and as stated the produce terrible answers.

Some better questions to ask are:

What do I love to do and how could I build a career around that?

How could I monetise on something I am passionate about?

How could I work less and earn more money?

Who could help me find a way out of the career I feel stuck in?

Good questions produce good answers and if you continuously ask these questions you will find a starting point for something new.

Moving on now to something that will hold you back even more than finding that great business idea or career you’ve been thinking of to building up your level of confidence to start working on it.

Confidence is the one thing that nearly every Irish person lacks. But the good news is that it doesn’t always have to be that way and it shouldn’t be something that holds you back from working on your dreams, goals or plans.

When you think differently or want to do something different with your life it often feels like you are out on a limb thats ready to snap at any moment.

Nobody around you sees things the way you do and everyone is ready to chop you back down to size if ever you speak your opinion.

But just like a seed when planted, confidence grows as soon as you start to take some action.

So whatever it is that you’ve been thinking of doing or have figured out that you want to do, start taking some action on it.

Research, plan, set goals, pick up the phone and make some calls to someone in a similar industry or ask someone for help, these are all great little ways of building up your confidence.

And as soon as your confidence starts to grow you will start creating some forward momentum to keep you running towards your goals.

Life in Australia doesn’t have to be the way you see it.

There is so much more opportunity out there waiting for you and there’s an amazing life to go with it.

So break away from that old Irish Mentality and focus your mind on something new.

You can do it, I know you can.

If you need some help, please feel free to reach out anytime or check out my Fit4Life course where I have helped hundreds of Irish expats change their mindset, build more confidence and get clear direction t change their lives and reach their goals. Click HERE to find out more.

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