Are you getting on the Bags this weekend lad?

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Are you getting on the Bags this weekend lad?

Christ, I don’t know where to even start with this one to be quite honest because I know its going to rub some people up the wrong way.

But here goes;

It’s Friday afternoon and you might not have had the best week at work, you’ve been analyzing your life, wondering what the hell you are going to do to get out of the position you feel stuck in.

And now that its Friday, you are naturally starting to feel better because the weekend is nearly here and you can escape reality for a few days and feel a little bit happier about yourself.

But then you’re work mates or friends starting asking you this question and because you aren’t strong enough or confident enough to do something different this weekend you fall back in the very same trap that’s been making you feel so bad about yourself and that you really want to get away from.

So you wind up on repeat, doing what you know you really shouldn’t be doing and deep down you feel so ashamed of yourself.

You know there is more to your life, there has to be you think but everyone is happy doing everything you want to get away from so you doubt yourself and feel completely lost.

Let me tell you something;

Those people who trying to drag you down the gutter aren’t going anywhere with their lives and they are trying to bring you down with them.

So you’ve got two choices this weekend.

Either you put your foot down, say no to what you know you shouldn’t do and step outside your comfort zone to do something different that might change your life.

Or, you piss it up against the wall again and wake up even more depressed on Monday morning.

I don’t want that for you so please think long and hard about this weekend if this resonated with you.

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