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My Story

I think it’s fair to say that most expats go through a bit of struggle in their time in Australia.
But for me, I struggled with a lot more than the usual visa issues or family loneliness.
After 6 years in Australia, I started to struggle with finding a meaning and purpose for my life which was unfortunately magnified by not having the support of my family and close friends to help me through.
I got stuck in a rut and found it incredibly hard to get out of.
On the outside, I had everything that anyone could ask for, a good job, money in the bank and plenty of craic of the weekends.
But on the inside, I was depressed, unfulfilled and unhappy.
For my first 6 years in Australia, I followed the crowd without ever really questioning my future.
What did I want from life?
What would make me happy?
What would make me feel achieved?
And what would make me feel fulfilled each and every day?
I had no idea.
And my at a time when most people were settling down in a relationship or building a house back in Ireland, I just felt completely lost.
Although I had no idea what I wanted for my life, I knew that wasn’t it.
As an Irish expat who’s surrounded by other Irish expats that predominately work in set careers and have similar hobbies it’s very hard to break that mould and even harder to find some guidance.
Fortunately I found some mentors to help give me some direction and started to carve out a new path for my life.
I worked on building my confidence, cutting out bad habits, overcoming my fears and setting goals to help me achieve some great things.
Over the past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to change my career, start my own business and create a new life for myself while living in Australia.
Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping other Irish expats get out of a rut that they might find themselves stuck in and get clear direction to change their life, find more passion, meaning and purpose and move towards what is ultimately most important to them.
Now as a Life Coach, Mentor and Public Speaker my ambition is to help anyone I work with become the best version of themselves too.
I believe that anyone can change and improve their life, just as long as they have the right teacher!