2T Tipper Days to Flying Aeroplanes

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2T Tipper Days to Flying Aeroplanes

A few years ago I was sat on the edge of a highway in a 2 tonne tipper truck.

We were doing a job on the edge of the highway but on this particular day it was spilling rain and I was sitting in the truck praying to be rained off!

Fergal, a work mate, was in the truck with me who was a few years my senior and looking back, he was was a real mentor to me as well.

We got the call – but it wasn’t what we expected, our foreman wanted us to work through the rain and I wasn’t the least bit happy.

I blew up and told Fergal I had enough of doing what I was doing, I just couldn’t see a future for myself and I wanted out.

Fergal asked me what else I might like to do and I hadn’t much answers.

“Come on he said, there’s got to be something you like and could pursue”

“I like aeroplanes, but I could never do anything with that” I said.

Looking back I was my own worst enemy.

“If you say that for everything you think of doing, Fergal said, you will never achieve anything in your life.”

For the first time in my life, I seen how much I was holding myself back.

I started flying lessons a few weeks later and after 2 years I got my pilots licence.

It wasn’t something I pursued after that but it gave me the mentality I needed to change my life entirely and I will always be grateful for Fergal’s words to me that day in the tipper.

So my message to you is this;

If you don’t like what you are doing or where you are in your life right now and want to change, you can in a instant so don’t hold yourself back any longer than you need to.

Are you doing yourself any favours by saying what you have been saying to yourself?

Don’t be your own worst enemy and get working on where you want to go.

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